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About Greener Race
We focus on Quality & Service.

Whatever you need we strive to help

Domestic and Residental:
Electrical & Air Conditioning jobs, big or small.
Supply & install, Maintenace, Breakdowns, Repairs.

 Commerical & Industrial:
HVAC/r, Mechanical, Electrical, BMS-Controls
Switchboards, Service, Maintenace, Safety & Compliance.

Electric Vehicles
Solutions to suit the charging needs of your home or business.

Expertise in Air Conditioning:
We are qualified refrigeration mechaincs with years of experience in install and repairs for all types of systems. It doesn't matter If its a small split system in your bedroom or a VRV/F heat recovery unit, we strive to deliver optimal results.

Licensed Electrical Contractors:
Safe and compliant work delivered on time.
WHS testing & compliance.

Controls and Mechanical Electrical:
We excel in mechanical electrical, BMS/controls and switchboards. Design, installation & commissioing to lifecycle performance auditing and maintenance planning.

Why Choose Greener Race:

 1. Proven Experience:
 Our diverse team boasts extensive experience in refrigeration & air conditioning, electrical work, switchboards, BMS controls & mechanical services.

2. Qualifications You Can Trust:
We invest in our team offering continuous training towards dual trade & higher qualifiactions.

3. Commitment to Quality: 
We prioritize quality, using premium materials for longevity and reliability.

4. Exceptional Customer Service:
Your satisfaction is our priority, delivering excellent service in every aspect.

Commercial Refrigeration - Air Conditioning - Electrical Contractors

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We try hard to keep our work as close to us as possible. This reduces carbon, looks after the environment and means we are often close by so can often get to you quickly when needed. This isn't always possible especially when doing larger jobs and definitely not for our remote work. If your not listed here, we can still help especially if your close by