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About Greener Race
We focus on Quality and Service.

Domestic and Residental:
Whatever you need we strive to help, Electrical & Air Conditioning jobs, big or small.
Supply & install, Maintenace, Breakdowns, Repairs.

 Commerical & Industrial:
HVAC/r, Mechanical, Electrical, BMS-Controls
Switchboards, Service, Maintenace, Safety & Compliance.

Expertise in Air Conditioning:
We are fully licnesed refrigeration mechaincs with years of experience in install and repairs for all types of systems. It doesn't matter If its a small split system in your bedroom or a VRV/F heat recovery unit, we strive to deliver optimal results.

Comprehensive Electrical Services:
As Electrical Contractors we deliver safe compliant electrical work in an efficent and timely manner across a range fields.

Controls and Mechanical Electrical:
We excel in mechanical electrical, BMS/controls and switchboards. From design, installation & commissioing to lifecycle performance auditing and maintenance planning.

Why Choose Greener Race:

 1. Proven Experience:
 Our diverse team boasts extensive experience in refrigeration & air conditioning, electrical work, switchboards, BMS controls & mechanical services.

2. Qualifications You Can Trust:
We invest in our team offering continuous training towards dual trade & higher qualifiactions.

3. Commitment to Quality: 
We prioritize quality, using premium materials for longevity and reliability.

4. Exceptional Customer Service:
Your satisfaction is our priority, delivering excellent service in every aspect.

Summer Tips 
Stay Cool, Save Energy:

Summer's scorching heat demands smart cooling.

Optimize your thermostat to 24/25°C during the day and 25/26°C for restful nights.
This not only keeps you comfortable but eases the strain on Western Power's network, offering potential 10% power savings for every degree adjusted—benefitting your wallet too.

Boost your cooling system's efficiency by regularly cleaning filters. Clogged filters can hinder performance, so wash them or schedule maintenance with us.

Reset error messages by turning off the unit for five minutes at the isolation switch or in the switchboard. If issues persist, schedule a service fault-finding call. A quick reset might resolve the problem.

Evaporative cooler owners, maximize performance by keeping doors/windows open. Ensure an escape route for cool air by opening doors/windows where you want the breeze.

Evaporative coolers thrive on a refreshing draft.

Feel the cool breeze, save on energy, and keep your cooling system at its best with these summer tips!

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