Commercial Refrigeration

Greener Race is a commercial and industrial refrigeration company that specializes in the design and installation of switchboards, controls, instrumentation and monitoring solutions. We have years of experience in the refrigeration service and mechanical electrical industries, as well as qualifications in BMS/commissioning and Instrumentation. This gives them the skills and expertise to deliver on time and on budget solutions for your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs.

Greener Race can assist in reducing your energy inputs, extend product life and reduce downtime through correct equipment selection during the design process. They will ensure that your installation is a smooth process delivered on time, and that commissioning & calibration ensures peak energy efficiency and product life. Regular routine maintenance will ensure extended equipment life and reduce costly breakdowns.

Greener Race offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Electrical - Switchboards & wiring. Design, installation and maintenance.
  • BMS, process control and monitoring through instrumentation and controls - Installation, commissioning, calibration, repairs, PLC and BMS updates and parameter tuning. More BMS info
  • Cool room design and installation - Consultancy service
  • Process cooling design and installation - Consultancy service
  • Maintenance and service - regular routine maintenance of refrigeration systems and control systems.
  • Breakdowns, fault finding and repairs of refrigeration system (limited to select customers). Open to all customers for controls and BMS or instrumentation related faults.
  • Energy, process and product spoilage auditing.

If you are looking commercial and industrial refrigeration service provider in Perth that can provide you with quality service and solutions, then Greener Race is the company for you. 

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