About Greener Race
We focus on Quality and Service.

Domestic and Residental:
Whatever you need we strive to help, Electrical & Air Conditioning jobs, big or small.
Supply & install, maintenace, breakdowns, repairs.

 Commerical & Industrial:
HVAC/r, Mechanical, Electrical, BMS-Controls
Switchboards, Service, Maintenace, Safety & Compliance.

Expertise in Air Conditioning:
We are fully licnesed refrigeration mechaincs with years of experience in install and repairs for all types of systems. It doesn't matter If its a small split system in your bedroom or a VRV/F heat recovery unit, we strive to deliver optimal results.

Comprehensive Electrical Services:
As Electrical Contractors we deliver safe compliant electrical work in an efficent and timely manner across a range fields.

Controls and Mechanical Electrical:
We excel in mechanical electrical, BMS/controls and switchboards. Design, installation & comissioning to control and manage your building effectivley.

Why Choose Greener Race:

 1. Proven Experience:
 Our diverse team boasts extensive experience in refrigeration & air conditioning, electrical work, switchboards, BMS controls & mechanical services.

2. Qualifications You Can Trust:
We invest in our team offering continuous training towards dual trade & higher qualifiactions.

3. Commitment to Quality: 
We prioritize quality, using premium materials for longevity and reliability.

4. Exceptional Customer Service:
Your satisfaction is our priority, delivering excellent service in every aspect.