Safety Inspection
Experience the beauty of autumn with its warm afternoons and crisp mornings.

Now is the ideal time to guarantee your home's safety systems are in top-notch condition.

Take a moment to ensure your smoke alarms and RCD Safety Switches are functioning perfectly.

RCDs are lifesavers, instantly disconnecting electrical supply if any irregularities are detected, preventing potentially fatal electric shocks.

Regular testing of your safety switches is essential to ensure they're fully operational, safeguarding your household from electrical hazards.

Equipped with battery backups, hard-wired smoke alarms are indispensable for alerting you to fire or smoke, especially during power outages. Don't overlook the significance of maintaining these vital devices.

DFES recommends replacing batteries annually on April 1st to ensure optimal functionality. Batteries don't work well in cold weather and with a weak battery and no power your smoke alarm may not function correctly.

Additionally, keeping smoke alarms under 10 years old is required for both property sales and rentals, this is not a requirment for your own home but highly recommneded.

Prioritize safety and peace of mind today.

Reach out to us to schedule a comprehensive inspection and ensure your home's safety measures are up to par.