Refrigerated Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Cool in Summer Warm in WInter -

Ultimate Year Round Comfort 

Central in ceiling air handleing unit with flexible ducting to each zone and a single outdoor unit.
No visible air con units on interior walls.

Options to make it smarter, more efficent and even more comfortable.
Climate controlled zones, everyone gets to set their own temperature. 
Intergrations with solar systems to make use of free solar power.
Heat recovery ventilators allow fresh air in modern airtight homes or workplaces and can replace warm stale air overnight with fresh cool air.

How does reverse cycle air conditioning work?
Reverse cycle air conditioning systems utilize a refrigerated process to remove or add heat to your space and change the air temperature. 

This involves refrigerant, a special substance that can easily shift between gas and liquid states. 

By undergoing this transformation, the refrigerant allows heat to be removed from indoors pushed outdoors in cooling mode or In heating mode the system absorbs outdoor heat, even when its "cold" outside and moves this heat indoors, effectively changing and controlling the air temperature throughout your space. 

Unlike evaporative coolers, humidity does not affect these systems, keeping you perfectly comfortable all year long.

The outdoor unit and indoor unit are connected with refirgeration pipework and air is distributed using ducting or individual indoor units. 

For ducted systems the addition of a smart climate control zone controller allows each zone can have its own individual tempertature. Where indivual or multi splits by ​ther enature have this built in.

Why Greener Race?
We offer obligation-free on-site quotes for new and swap-out systems.

We have years of experience designing and installing quality air conditioning systems that work year after year.

Our team is not just made up of electricians with a one-day air con install course. Our "fridgies" have completed four-year apprenticeship in refrigeration and air conditioning, often with additional skill sets and training are specialists in this field.

We use top-quality units from Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. 

These are the industry standard for larger projects and known for reliability, energy efficency and support.

If the event of a fault or issue in the future we have technical and parts support for longer than most other manufacturers with Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. Often extending the life of the machine beyond other brands.  

We offer lower-specced brands, usually for individual split systems which will save a few dollars upfront. We don't recommend these for multi-split or ducted systems as we aim to maximize the lifespan of your investment given complexity and cost of these bigger systems.

We are electrical contractors and do our own electrical work.

We use installation materials that meet or exceed Australian standards.

We provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep your air conditioner in tip-top condition.

We strive to do ev erything the best possible way and to the highest standards.

We back up our workmanship with long installation warranties to ensure worry-free comfort.
We don’t guess and hope that a system will work
At Greener Race, we spend the time to ensure our systems will work by providing an engineered design based on heat load and airflow requirements taken from your house plans. Don't worry if you don't have them; if needed, we can draft a set as part of the free quote process.

We combine our years of training and experience with HVAC-specific design software. All our designs are reviewed internally by our senior staff, who are veteran refrigeration air conditioning mechanics and full members of AIRAH, the peak body for Aircon and HVAC practitioners in Australia.

Energy Efficiency is a key focus:
If we can make it more energy efficient, we will.

 We commission and set up our systems to maximize your comfort and savings and provide adivce on best useage practises

Heat recovery ventilators allow fresh air in modern airtight homes while reducing air con loads.  They enable overnight purging of stale warm air with fresh cool air.

Smart zone controllers with individual climate control and variable airflow, including smartphone and home automation integrations.

Electronic constants and recirculation bypass loops to lower energy usage.

 Integration with your Solar PV system to make use of excess solar power generation.

These these are common for commercial HVAC and AC systems when intergratged into building management systems and can be intergrated into smaller ducted systems for your home or workplace.
The Greener Race Difference
We understand the importance of supporting our customers throughout the lifespan of their system. From installation to maintenance, you can count on our experienced team and strong industry connections to provide you with the best service available. 

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Daikin Ducted

Daikin Ducted Systems.

Mitsubishi Electric - Large Capacity Ducted

Mitsubishi Electric large capacity systems. New R32 models with increased energy efficiency compared to r410a refrigerant systems.

Mitsubishi Electric - Ducted

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Systems

Air touch 5 Control System

Air Touch 5 Super smart single panel controls AC unit and zone system. ITS Climate control sensors for individual temp control in each zone. Smart phone and WIFI. Hub for smart home integrations.

Izone Nova

Newest smart controller from Izone Similar to Air touch 5 features, with more in the options to maximise energy usage. Option to monitor solar power and divert to air con instead of selling to western power for almost nothing.

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